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LifeSource Wellness Care is a multi-faceted medical practice, specializing in helping patients who have tried countless other treatments, only to find they’re not any better. The practice is led by, Dr. Alexander Thermos DC, DO, who is an expert in a variety of medical specialities. An osteopathic physician, Dr. Thermos is also trained in functional medicine, nutritional therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture. With this wide area of expertise, Dr. Thermos can truly create custom designed medical treatment plans for his patients, focusing on the root issues of the person’s health problems and not just masking the symptoms with prescriptions.

A Unique Approach to Care

While every physician is focused on making their patients better, Dr. Thermos, goes even further by focusing on the patient’s entire wellbeing and their current state of health. The first session with a patient will include a complete analysis of the patient’s current health records and even include a live cell microscopy; a task usually performed by a local lab – whereas at LifeSource Wellness Care, the procedure is performed in the office and analyzed with the patient during their time with the doctor.

Some of the most unique and innovative treatments offered by LifeSource Wellness Care include:

  • Non-narcotic solutions for chronic back pain

  • Non-surgical orthopedic care

  • Stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapy

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

  • Detoxification treatments after chemotherapy

To read more about all of the treatments offered by LifeSource Wellness Care, click here.

Answers for People Who’ve Tried Everything

Patients that come to LifeSource Wellness Care have often been to a variety of physicians offices and have tried numerous treatments all to find themselves back where they started – still sick, defeated and feeling hopelessly unable to return to the life they once had. Dr. Thermos has helped countless people turn their health and their lives around through a holistic approach to care that he can also provide to you and your loved ones.

Health Education – Part of the Process at LifeSource Wellness Care

Healthcare can be scary, confusing and sometimes even upsetting. At LifeSource Wellness Care, we understand this and take the approach of being your partner in better health, helping you to understand the process every step of the way. Through offering a variety of treatment modalities, letting you know of new procedures and treatment options to the time that treatments take to be effective we aim to be a source of information and a breath of fresh air in your experience with medical offices.

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