Integrative Oncology

Treating Cancer Differently – Achieving Better Outcomes 

Oncologists of the recent past were taught that when it comes to cancer recovery, ‘diet doesn’t matter’. By contrast – the new generation of oncologists are beginning to recognize the fact that diet is integral in the treatment and recovery process, and now look to work with an Integrative Physician such as Dr. Thermos to utilize diet, short term fasting, restorative sleep, exercise, supplements, immune system stimulation, visualization, intravenous nutritional therapy (including oxidative therapy), acupuncture, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to assist in the recovery of cancer patients health and vitality – and to improve their quality of life through the treatment of cancer. The new focus of cancer care is on the immune system and its role in treatment – something Dr. Thermos has preached for over 20 years.

Foundations of Integrative Oncology

The work of the aggregate of these pioneers ensures that what was once called integrative oncology, or most recently functional oncology will eventually be recognized as simply oncology. With recent statistics now saying that 1 out of 3 people will be developing cancer in their lifetime, it goes without saying that these changes are vital and necessary for the future. Better cancer treatment can become the best cancer treatment – as it should be practiced everywhere in the United States.

Dr Thermos has treated hundreds of cancer patients, combining the best conventional treatments provided by the patient’s oncologist with the best complementary approaches. His training in traditional therapy (AMA residency in family medicine) combined with holistic approaches (Osteopathic, Chiropractic and Acupuncture) and technological advances (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, etc.) and nutritional therapy (oral and intravenous) is extensive and helps him to pair the best integrative therapies with traditional approaches to provide the best care possible to the patient.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Plans 

Understanding however that some patients are unwilling or physically unable to accept the risk of side effects that can accompany conventional treatments Dr. Thermos assists these patients in making an informed decision to forgo conventional therapy. Dr. Thermos will formulate an alternative program of treatment and individualized diet and supplement plan that evidence shows may enhance the effectiveness of any treatment that the patient decided to pursue.

Dr. Thermos also believes that a strong doctor-patient relationship is a vital part of care. He urges his established patients to come prepared with questions, concerns, and ideas.

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