LifeSource Wellness Care is a medical practice with the mission of caring for the whole person: body, soul, mind and spirit. We take this approach with each patient as we review their specific healthcare needs. The practice has been especially designed for patients that have tried multiple options of care, only to find they’re not any better. Led by Dr. Alexander Thermos, the practice provides patients a unique perspective to medicine, and a wide variety of treatment options not normally found in one practice, let alone, one physician.

A licensed osteopathic physician and chiropractor, Dr. Thermos believes the best way to treat his patients is through continual education and experience in new medical techniques and treatments. He has undergone a wide variety of training in the areas of nutritional medicine, chelation and intravenous therapies, acupuncture, integrative oncology, regenerative medicine and stem cell treatments, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and non-narcotic pain control injections.

What Sets Us Apart

First In-Office Consultation 

Many of our patients have previously been diagnosed by other traditional physicians and have gone through a variety of healthcare hurdles – we’re here to help sort out their issues and identify possible solutions in improving their health.  Our first consultation will last 60 minutes and will review all of you current health issues and concerns, medical records and previous test results. From there, we’ll discuss any additional tests that may be necessary as well as resources that may benefit your health, and discuss your options for treatment moving forward.

Healing Setting

healing dogs Medical offices often can be cold and sterile, studies have shown that a comforting environment aids in the healing process. We’ve designed the LifeSource Wellness office with comfort, warmth and healing in mind. We want patients to be put at ease and relaxed as we focus on improving their health. To aid our patients in their recovery, we’ve employed some furry friends named Wray-Wray (on the left) and Lu-Lu (on the right). The 10-year old twin Keshond pups began their ‘jobs’ in therapy nine years ago, and now greet and comfort the patients at LifeSource Wellness Care everyday.

A Natural Approach    

LifeSource Wellness Care looks at medicine a bit differently than most physicians. Recognizing the benefits of traditional prescriptions and medicines, we feel there are a wide variety of natural treatments and elements that can provide the same if not better outcome but without adverse side-effects that can occur with traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions.

In-Office Diagnostics

Many physicians send patients to local labs for panels to be run and reviewed by a lab-technican, with the results provided to the doctor. At LifeSource Wellness Care, Dr. Thermos actively participates in the lab panel review process, obtaining specimens at the office and reviewing them on-site with the patient.

Recognizing There’s a Choice

In a market with a wide variety of options for care, we aim to be a unique provider; offering alternative care processes to give you better health and a brighter future through more natural solutions.

Contact Us Today

We’d love to show you our office and discuss our approach to care and how we can help you to live a better, healthier life. Give us a call today at (949) 916-0089 to schedule an appointment.