Stem Cell Therapy

Nature’s Miracle for a Variety of Ailments and Medical Issues 

Medicines often have multiple uses, but rarely has something been so impactful in addressing as many ailments as stem cells are proving to be for patients today. Until recently most people had few choices when it came to neurological issues, auto-immune disorders and Parkinson’s Disease. Today stem cells are showing substantial improvements in the quality of life for people afflicted with these conditions; stem cells are also helping people who are dealing with common aches and pains including: degenerative discs, knee and joint pain, arthritis and other joint related issues. Remarkably, stem cells are even benefiting people with heart failure and helping them experience better heart function. The miracles of stem cells come from their regenerative properties, which help patients to have a better quality of life, dramatically reducing the impact of the above mentioned ailments and many more all without surgical procedures.

Dr. Alexander Thermos has been on the forefront of ethically using stem cells to treat the above mentioned conditions and is seeing excellent results with patients experiencing vast improvements in their conditions and in some orthopedic cases, even forgetting about their previously painful conditions.

Better Outcomes and Less Risk than Surgical Alternatives

Surgery has often been the answer for many patients experiencing debilitating pain from orthopedic issues including back pain, degenerative discs and knee replacements. While surgical procedures and associated technologies have improved there’s still a high likelihood of surgical failure and no improvement in pain. Stem cell therapy offers a less invasive alternative to traditional surgical procedures.

What are Stem Cells and Where Do They Come From?

Stem cells are root cells that are in essence the basis of all human cells, meaning they are able to form into any healthy human cell: bone, skin, organs or muscles. Stem cells are the root of our physical bodies and a primary method for harvesting these cells is from the umbilical cords of live-birthed babies. As umbilical cords are the life-giving vessels for humans in
the womb, they’re an excellent source of stem cells. Other methods to retrieve stem cells include self-donated, which entails the physician harvesting stem cells directly from the patient. The third method of retrieval of stem cells is called embryonic, which have been a topic of debate in recent years as they’re derived from embryos donated from in-vitro fertilization clinics.

Stem cells work to heal patients in a few ways

  • They serve as replacement cells, taking over the space of damaged cells that can no longer properly perform their duties.

  • Stem cells help to repair the damaged part of the body and release proteins that promote healthy growth of other surrounding healthy tissues and blood vessels.

  • Control inflammation and regulate the immune system, which is often the most beneficial aspect for those with auto-immune disorders.

Stem Cells at LifeSource Wellness Care

It’s important to note that LifeSource Wellness Care only uses stem cells from umbilical cords of live birthed babies or from the patients themselves. Embryonic stem cells are not and never will be used at LifeSource Wellness Care; the use of embryonic stem cells does not align with Dr. Thermos’ beliefs and his standards of care for his patients.

How are Stem Cells Used? 

At LifeSource Wellness Care, stem cells are not a standalone treatment, they’re part of a comprehensive program of wellness designed around your specific needs. Often for orthopedic issues these treatments can include the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy which helps to stimulate the damaged area and improve healing; spinal decompression is also used fairly often, which helps to re-align the spine and damaged discs and give the patient the best chance of a non-surgical recovery.

Stem cells can be administered through syringes and infused into the body via an IV drip. These methods deliver the vital stem cells to where they’re needed most in the patient’s body.

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What Kind of Stem Cells are Used?

The patient’s specific needs determine which type of stem cells are used and if it’s a combination of the two types. Stem cells derived from the patient’s bone marrow can increase the patient’s red and white blood cells and platelets; which helps to establish new vascular networks in damaged tissues. The umbilical cord stem cells are better suited for patients suffering from auto-immune disorders and inflammatory joint issues; ultimately, the determination of which type or combination of stem cells used will be made by Dr. Thermos and you at the treatment consultation.

Are Stem Cells Safe? 

Yes, stem cells are safe; the treatment protocols at LifeSource Wellness Care ensure the safest possible implementation of stem cells. Through the use of the patient’s own stem cells, there’s no chance of rejection or complications; with regard to the use of umbilical cord stem cells, they are thoroughly screened in a Federally regulated tissue bank and are also deemed to be hypo-immunogenic, meaning they are very unlikely to result in a rejection or reaction.

Learn More About Stem Cells and How They Can Help You

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State of California Required Notice Regarding Stem Cell Therapy: 

This health care practitioner performs one or more stem cell therapies that have not yet been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You are encouraged to consult with your primary care physician prior to undergoing a stem cell therapy.