The proof of our care is in our patient’s testimonials of our work. Below are some recent patient success stories detailing their experiences here at LifeSource Wellness Care.

After serving 25 years in the United States military, I have suffered 6 broken fingers, a broken ankle, a broken toe, a broken leg, a broken back, 2 separated shoulders, a ripped rotator cuff, a torn bicep tendon, and I have had over 200 stitches in my head, neck, face, back, and arms. I have had 22 major surgeries and I have been treated by over 100 healthcare professionals during this time and one person stands out above everyone else, Doctor Alexander Thermos. Prior to seeing Dr. Thermos, I was nervous and had many questions about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Doctor Thermos was able to walk me through HRT in a clear and concise manner. After researching over 30 different HRT doctors from multiple sources, Doctor Thermos was the most patient-centered, detailed, and highly qualified doctor I researched. Doctor Thermos performs in a manner which is a quantum-leap above all other doctors and he sets a great example by his enthusiasm, motivation, competence, patient care, and work ethic. Your needs are Doctor Thermos’ #1 priority. Doctor Thermos provided a great explanation of what I needed. Doctor Thermos always went above and beyond to provide me the best patient care possible. Doctor Thermos is a great doctor, a wonderful person, and a good friend. – Patrick 

Dr Thermos is an outstanding physician! There is no other doctor who cares as much about his patients as he does. Dr. Thermos has been my doctor for several years now and I can’t imagine where I would be without his medical care. I have been so impressed with the level of care he has given me that I have even referred my husband, daughter, father, sister and several of my friends to see him. Dr Thermos is so thoughtful, caring, and humble. I would highly recommend him to anyone. – Angela

My husband and I are beyond thankful for the level of care my husband has received through his diagnosis of prostate cancer and memory loss. The actual recovery may be in the hands of God, but thankfully he works through you. – Tracy and Frank

My brother has been treated by Dr. Thermos for the past 4 years now. His application of neuromuscular medicine is incredible and has helped my brother not only cope with discomfort but realize that there is always room for improvement. We’re grateful for Dr. Thermos’ help, patience and guidance; he is truly one of a kind and we’re fortunate to call him our doctor as well as our friend. – Carmen

Doctor Thermos’ expertise, compassion and willingness to take his time to really listen to all your symptoms and discomfort has been a Godsend. I found Dr. Thermos in a time when every other medical professional was prescribing medications that led to many side effects, but little to no actual pain relief. I’m truly grateful for the care Dr. Thermos has provided and would recommend him to anyone. – Fariba

Doctor Thermos has been my physician for over two years. In all my life he is the only doctor I have been comfortable enough with to tell the absolute truth to regarding my health and my life.

Not only is he my doctor he has become a wise trusted advisor and friend. He treats several of my close personal friends and family members including my wife and my brother. I am personally aware of people that travel from the east coast of the united states and from Hawaii to see him, that is how good he is.

I strongly recommend Doctor Thermos as a medical professional and I look forward to many more years of good health because of his work. – Mark

– My 17-year old son has been suffering from health complications for the past 3 years, bedridden at times. His symptoms of chronic headaches, occasional dizziness and stomach pain prevent him from regular school attendance. In addition to having an ill son, we are harassed by the school district for truancy, since there is not a definitive diagnosis and he’s missed so much school. We have seen several MD’s, specialists, had a host of blood tests and a few tried-and-failed prescriptions/remedies. Although he sees a chiropractor monthly, it’s not enough to handle symptoms.

Dr. Thermos is the first person to review former blood work results (from the other doctors) with a different perspective- example: my son’s cholesterol is low. Other doctors said this was a sign of good health. Dr. Thermos says this is a sign that his body is not absorbing the cholesterol so malabsorption needs to be investigated. 2) Dr. Thermos investigated our son’s health from a whole-person perspective. He collected information which isn’t used in a typical exam, which traditional western MD’s missed and disregarded. They are subtle pieces of information which led Dr. Thermos to causes that wreaked havoc in my son’s life, and in our family’s life.

Dr. Thermos ordered tests which we didn’t even know existed.  He went over the results with us very thoroughly and prescribed a plan of supplements and a prescription to get our son on a healing plan. We are only 10 days into the plan, but are seeing his moods improving and symptoms lessening!

My encouraging word to other families- it’s worth the journey and you will come away with a fascinating glimpse of information from Live Blood Cell Viewing. We do not have insurance and have spent our savings to find healing for our son.  Dr. Thermos is very reasonably priced compared to other doctors. I so wish we had found him years earlier.

There is great hope and renewed energy in our family because of Dr. Thermos’ expertise. If you are tired of traditional MD’s not having answers and prescribing drugs that don’t work- take the time to see Dr. Thermos and come with an open mind.  – Susan

After years of no answers and countless doctors and medications from some extremely challenging health issues, we met Dr. Thermos. My life and the quality of it instantly changed. He is truly exceptional and his wealth of knowledge and experience in medicine is incredible.  He truly cares and will find solutions out of the box. He is patient, compassionate and I would recommend him with my whole heart! – Chaniel